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Credit card rewards are only lucrative if used in a smart way

We estimate that on average you get extra $250. Look how it works for cardholders with an annual spend of $13,500 charged on their cards. Card issuers offer one point per dollar spent as rewards rebating you $135 per year. You may also apply for a new card and receive an average $115 sign-up bonus. And here you go, $250. Just mind the ease of redemption while searching for the best credit card offers

An average cardholder spending about $1,100 on their card a month may get at least $130 a year.

Rewards redemption is never a problem if you prefer cashback. Because with every dollar charged on your card, you get 1-2 cents back with no strings attached. So if you spend $30,000 per year, you get $300-$600 in cash back and that’s it. No need to think up the ways to benefit from the rewards, no additional spending required. Cash back is universal what makes almost every other cardholder considers it the best credit card rewards option.

55% of cardholders prefer to redeem their rewards in cash back.

Points and miles rewards may be the most profitable offers for you. However, it can be tricky to make them work. The point is they don't have any fixed value. It is all about matching your needs during redemption. The same amount of points or miles may transform into a product you need at a lower price or become an unnecessary purchase causing overspend or simply go to waste. Know your goals, redeem smartly and you will save thousands of dollars.

With travel rewards you may see the whole world for free or at a lower cost.

Our Top Picks

The Discover it® Secured Credit Card

Upgrade to unsecured: 7mo possible after
Annual fee: $0
Regular APR: 23.74% Variable

We consider the Discover it® Secured Credit Card the most favorable option for people with no credit history. Unlike other secured credit cards, this one has a cash back rewards program, the opportunity to graduate to an unsecured card, and a $0 annual fee. Take your chance to build your credit from scratch with Discover Bank.

primor® Secured Visa Gold Card

Upgrade to unsecured: No
Annual fee: $49
Regular APR: 10.49% Variable

Recent bankrupts may start rebuilding their credit history right away with the primor® Secured Visa Gold Card. This is a no credit check offer with the lowest APR on the secured credit card market. All you need to start is a $200 deposit and 10 minutes to apply.