No Job Doesn’t Mean No Health Insurance

I remember it like it was yesterday. My boss called me into his office to tell me that I no longer had a job at my current place of employment. Being only twenty-one years old, and having the same part time job for years, I didn't feel overwhelmingly sad about it. At the time, I had so much more going on in my life that it no doubt influenced being laid off.

11 Little Known Ways to Save Money on Groceries

When you’ve had a rough week at work, it’s hard to make responsible choices when it comes to food. Scratch that - it’s always hard to make responsible food choices.

But while plenty of people come around to a healthier approach when shopping, fewer embrace a frugal approach. As exhausting as it might feel to compare prices, food is one of the most significant expenses we encounter in our daily lives  - and it’s something you’ll need to spend on for the rest of your life. Saving a few bucks here and there might seem trivial, but that can add up to thousands fairly quickly.

Read below for some of the best ways to save money on your next grocery shopping trip.

Visa Infinite vs. Mastercard World Elite

Many credit cards benefits and perks described in reviews on Effectify are provided not by bank that issued cards, but by the payment systems that operate these cards. As for today there are two major payment systems - Mastercard and Visa, which provide a few of different payment programs.

Top Hotel Loyalty Programs: Brief Overview

Signing up for loyalty programs is a crucial point for anyone striving for travel maximization. Loyalty programs allow you to accumulate points and enjoy special perks and benefits if you use loyalty program services often enough. Moreover, with most of loyalty programs you can move towards its Elite status that grants additional valuable complimentary services.

Top Hotel Loyalty Programs with No Transfer Partners

Some of hotel loyalty programs does not allow you to transfer your reward points earned on a credit card - you can only redeem points on purchases within this loyalty program. This is not as convenient as opportunity to transfer points to loyalty program, and most of the programs with no transfer partners are not that much popular. However, it doesn’t mean that these loyalty programs are useless or not really valuable! Some of them might really fit your preferences, demands and habits, and significantly benefit to you.

American Airlines Co-Branded Card: Take Maximum from Your Frequent Flights

Review of the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®

Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard® is a travel credit card co-branded with American Airlines. It has quite high annual fee and its reward rate is lower than rate offered by many other travel credit cards. However, for the frequent American Airlines traveler this card is an ultimate highway to the comfort and coziness of travel.

Best Visa Infinite® Credit Cards

Visa Infinite® is a high-end program offered for certain credit cards. Most of these cards are premium travel cards that provide its holders juicy travel-related benefits. Visa Infinite® contains a wide list of lucrative perks to make your travel and leisure unforgettable.

Here we picked a few of best credit cards connected to Visa Infinite® program. There is not that much of such cards since most banks issue few premium credit cards.

Cosigning – Worst Case Scenarios

Here’s a sad story: Johnny is in his late 20s and looking to buy a home. All the houses in his city are selling at a premium, but he’d rather not move to the suburbs or settle for something in a crime-ridden area. He applies for a mortgage in a nice neighborhood, and the bank tells him he’ll need to find a cosigner.

Best Secured Credit Card for Bad Credit with No Credit Check

Review of the OpenSky® Secured VISA®

The OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card is the most accessible tool for improving your credit score. It is a favorable opportunity for people with not just poor but damaged credit history.