Earn 5% Cashback on Wide Range of Purchases with Discover Cards

Discover offers 5% cashback on purchases in different categories which rotate every three month. In general, the range of categories is wide, and it includes purchases at Amazon, restaraunts, wholesale clubs, etc. However, usually only two or three purchase categories with 5% cashback are offered each quarter. Purchases in all other categories will be rewarded with 1% cashback.

What’s the deal

Each quarter you may get 5% cashback on up to $1,500 in combined purchases. If you are a new holder of Discover credit card, at the first anniversary of card  your cashback will be doubled.

Who qualifies

5% cashback is offered to the holders of the following cards issued by Discover:

  • Discover it® Card (including NHL edition),
  • Discover it® Student Credit Card.

Note, that using the following Discover cards gets you only 2% cashback:

How to get 5% cashback

Make sure that your Discover card allows you to participate in the 5% cashback program.  You have to activate online your participating card in the Discover 5% cashback program before you can get 5% cashback on certain purchases. It is free and easy to make online at your Account Center. You must activate your participation status each quarter to earn 5% cashback on categories eligible for present quarter. After each quarter of participation, Discover will post cashback bonus to your account within two billing cycles.

Discover cashback bonus never expires. The only case you can lose your cashback bonus is when you don’t use your Discover card for 18 months or longer. You can redeem your cashback for gift cards and e-certificates, Amazon checkout discount, credit to your monthly statement,  can deposit it to your bank account, and many more.

5% cashback categories schedule for 2018

As noted above, purchase categories eligible for 5% cashback rotate every three month. Discover announces upcoming categories approximately two month before the beginning of the next quarter when these categories will become eligible. The following categories are eligible for 5% cashback:

January – March 2018 April – June 2018 July – September 2018 October – December 2018
Gas Stations & Wholesale Clubs Grocery Stores Restaurants Amazon.com & Wholesale Clubs

The bottom line

Discover offer for 5% cashback is a lucrative and valuable deal. It has a few shortcomings though: you have to activate your participation status each quarter, which might be annoying, and sometimes cashback categories may not fit your purchasing needs. However, Discover 5% cashback offer has one of the highest cashback rates among credit cards issuers, and reward seekers certainly must pay attention to this deal.

You can earn Discover 5% cashback offer with one of two Discover credit cards: Discover it® Card and Discover it® Student Credit Card.

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