Get Out Of Debt

Best Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers with 0% APR and No Balance Transfer Fee

Credit card debt appears in no time but it takes a long time to pay it off. Carrying a balance leads to accruing interest which may become a substantial part of your minimum monthly payments. The higher your APR, the more interest you pay, and the longer it takes to pay off your debt.

Balance Transfer with No Fee and 0% APR

Review of the First Tennessee Platinum Premier® Visa®

The First Tennessee Platinum Premier® Visa® credit card has a juicy promotional offer for transferring balances. Use it for repaying your credit card debt with a 0% APR and no balance transfer fee.

Credit Card with Longest Balance Transfer Offer and No Interest

Review of the Citi Simplicity®

Citi Simplicity® is a close to ideal solution for those with a large credit card debt or those willing to consolidate their balances from different credit cards to a single card account. If you have an excellent credit score, you may benefit from a special balance transfer offer - a 21-month period free of any interest for repaying your debt.

Repay Your Debt with Most Cost-Effective Balance Transfer Credit Card

Review of the Barclaycard Ring™ Platinum MasterCard®

The Barclaycard Ring™ Platinum MasterCard® is the most cost-effective balance transfer solution for those struggling to pay off their high interest debt. You may qualify for this card with an excellent credit score.

Transfer Balance to Chase Slate® Credit Card at No Cost and Save on Interest

Review of the Chase Slate®

If you’d like to repay your credit card debt faster and avoid paying interest on high balances, consider transferring your debt to the Chase Slate®. At no cost you may receive 15 months with a 0% APR and no fees to pay down your debt.

All You Need to Know about Balance Transfer Offers

Balance transfers help you save a lot of money on interest payments. However, such offers may have their own pitfalls. Watch them out!

DIY: How to Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt with Balance Transfers

Is it possible to repay a large credit card debt on your own? Yes, it is, and one of the most cost-effective strategies here is transferring balances.

You may move a large balance from a high interest card to a card with no interest at all. Or you may consolidate your debt - move small balances from different credit cards to a single card account. Balance transfers simplify debt management, help you save on interest and pay off your debt faster.

6 Tricks to Accelerate Your Credit Card Payoff

Being in credit card debt feels suffocating. It’s like a constant financial handicap, following you around everywhere and preventing you from seizing the opportunities you deserve. When you’re drowning under a sea of unpaid bills, all you want is to swim to the surface as quickly as possible.