Balance Transfer Credit Cards

The Only Balance Transfer Credit Card with Generous Rewards Program

Review of the Discover it® Card

Managing your credit card debt smartly allows you to save on interest and repay it faster. Here is another balance transfer offer with zero APR from the Discover it® Cash credit card. Coming in combination with a promotional offer with no interest on purchases, it gives you a marvelous opportunity for both debt repayment and rewards. Read more

VIP Credit Card for Debt Relief: Get 21 Months with 0% APR on Balance Transfers

Review of the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card

Citi Diamond Preferred® is a VIP card with the longest available 21-month intro period and 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers. It is very similar to Citi Simplicity® but instead of tolerating late payments it offers special services assisting you with travel bookings and ticket presales. Read more

Transfer Balance at No Cost and Save on Interest

Review of the Chase Slate®

If you’d like to repay your credit card debt faster and avoid paying interest on high balances, consider transferring your debt to the Chase Slate®. At no cost you may receive 15 months with a 0% APR and no fees to pay down your debt.

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Top 3 Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards
with Longest 0% APR Period – over 1 Year

The longer 0% APR period is, the greater your savings are, and the wider room to act you have while repaying your credit card debt. Read more

Best Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers with 0% APR and No Balance Transfer Fee

Credit card debt appears in no time but it takes a long time to pay it off. Carrying a balance leads to accruing interest which may become a substantial part of your minimum monthly payments. The higher your APR, the more interest you pay, and the longer it takes to pay off your debt.

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All You Need to Know about Balance Transfer Offers

Balance transfers help you save a lot of money on interest payments. However, such offers may have their own pitfalls. Watch them out!

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