Savings & Investing

Why You Need Emergency Fund

According to a 2015 report by the Federal Reserve on the economic well-being of American households, nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 in the case of an emergency.

Think about that.

How to Save for Your Kid’s College Education

With student loan totals approaching absurd amounts, many college graduates are starting a family while still paying off their loans. For many, that struggle creates a desire to shelter their child from the same ordeal. If wanting your child to have a better life than you did is standard parental protocol, saving for their college tuition is the best way to do it.

6 Things to Always Be Saving For

For some people, saving money is a given. They don’t even question it - a paycheck comes in and they automatically squirrel away a certain percentage. For someone like this, financial emergencies are minor inconveniences at most.

For the rest of us, it’s more of a struggle.

What to Do with Extra Money

When you’re an adult, the feeling of “Christmas” starts to fade away. You may enjoy the holiday, but you don’t get the same feelings of anticipation and excitement. It’s somewhat analogous to growing up in general - First you believe in Santa, then you find out he’s not real, then you become Santa. After that it’s not so fun.

IRA or 401K Which One to Choose for Retirement

For some, retirement is a subject they’d prefer to avoid at all costs. It’s becoming harder and harder to stop working in your golden years, and that scares some people into inaction. It’s even more tempting to bury your head in the sand when you’ve gone years and years without investing a cent. Is it really worth starting a retirement fund in middle age?

Do I Have Enough to Retire?

When you start to hit a certain age, you begin to wonder: am I ready to exit the rat race? Can I finally stop working and enjoy the fruits of my labor? Basically, am I ready for retirement?

Most people become emotionally ready for retirement long before they’re financially ready, so knowing the exact moment that they have enough to stop working is crucial.