The basics

Mastercard provides its cardholders a list of valuable services, perks and benefits. These perks and benefits are determined by the type of Mastercard credit card you have. As of today, Mastercard issues three types of cards: Standard Mastercard, World Mastercard, and World Elite Mastercard. Standard Mastercard is a most usual offer and World Elite Mastercard is, in a way, an improved World Mastercard that provides additional benefits to its holders.


In the table below, you can see a comparison of services, benefits and perks included in different types of credit cards operated by Mastercard.




World Elite

Zero Liability

MasterCard Global Service

Identity Theft Resolution Services

Fuel Rewards Network

Price Protection

Extended Warranty

Concierge Services

Enhanced Price Protection

MasterCard Airport Concierge

MasterCard Travel Services

World Luxury Hotels & Resorts

MasterCard Priceless Cities

World Elite Air Program

World Elite Cruise Program

World Elite Tours & Vacations Program

World Elite Car Rental Program

World Elite Chauffeured Car Service

World Elite Private Jet Program

Standard Mastercard

Standard cards operated by Mastercard include next benefits:

Extended Warranty. Warranty for eligible purchases bought on your card is doubled. This service is valid only for the purchases within the warranty period of 12 months or less.

Price Protection. If eligible purchases you bought on this card appear on sale within 60 days from the purchase date, you get the reimbursement of the price difference.

Fuel Rewards Network. In fact, Fuel Rewards Network is a discount program. However, unlike other programs that require you to carry a separate program card, Fuel Rewards Network is linked directly to your credit card. With Fuel Rewards Network, you can enjoy discounts and rewards at many gas stations and grocery stores.

Mastercard Global Service. This is an assistance service which helps you in emergency cases related to your card. If you’ve lost your card or it got stolen, Global Service will provide you with card replacement and cash advance, if needed. If you are abroad and, for example, aren’t able to find a necessary ATM – don’t hesitate to contact Global Service.

Zero Liability. Under this service, maximum liability for fraudulent charges is $50.

World Mastercard benefits

World Mastercard credit cards include all benefits provided with Standard Mastercard, plus a package of additional services, especially valuable for travelers.

Concierge Service. As usual, Concierge Service provides you 24/7 assistance of experienced experts who are ready to help you with arrangement of any deal, whether it’s big or small, personal or business-related.

World Luxury Hotels & Resorts. If you are a holder of a Mastercard credit card, you can enjoy discounts, special services and benefits at selected properties around the world. Special services and benefits include free room upgrades, free in-room Wi-Fi and breakfast, late checkout and welcome gifts, and many more.

MasterCard Priceless Cities. This service is designed to deliver unforgettable experiences around the world for the World and World Elite Mastercard customers. Priceless Cities provides you access to many luxury events around the world together with discounts and special offers.

MasterCard Airport Concierge. With this service, you are able to request for personal assistance at more than 450 airports around the world. Assistance will help you with airport-related issues, such as navigation around airport, information on departures and arrivals, etc. This service is not complementary, and you have to pay for it. However, World and World Elite Mastercard cardholders get a 15% discount.

Enhanced Price Protection. An improved version of service offered to Standard Mastercard holders. Instead of 60 days, you can request a price difference reimbursement within 120 days after a purchase is made.

MasterCard Travel Services. Although, in fact, this service is offered by Mastercard, its operation is under responsibility of Carlson Wagonlit Travel. World and World Elite Mastercard cardholders can request a travel arrangement and assistance with travel planning.

World Elite Mastercard

World Elite Mastercard adds to the services and benefits of Standard and World Mastercard a number of special services and perks that will be especially valued by travelers who strive for luxury travel and mind-blowing comfort.

World Elite Air Program. A list of airline companies and travel agencies provides benefits to cardholders of World Elite Mastercard. Special offers vary but usually you get a discount up to 30% of the airfare price or free upgrade to business class in case if you bought a full fare economy class ticket.

World Elite Private Jet Program. Enjoy the access to this program to receive discounts on private jet charters provided by selected jet operators.

World Elite Chauffeured Car Service. This program offers you significant discounts on limousine services at major rental agencies.

World Elite Cruise Program. This program will benefit its users when they book a cruise. The program offers a shipboard credit (starting from $150 per room). Cruise lines available for booking through this program usually are boutique lines and high-end luxury offers.

World Elite Tours & Vacations Program. You can receive discounts and credits when you book tours with this program.

World Elite Car Rental Program. To enjoy benefits of this program, rent a car at Sixt, National or Avis. You will receive a discount up to 25% of the regular price. World Elite Mastercard holders are also eligible to move towards elite status of loyalty programs at these rental agencies.

World Elite Cruise Program. Cardholders can receive shipboard credits when they book a cruise through this program. Credits tend to be $150 – $500 per room, and the cruise lines offered tend to be higher-end luxury and boutique lines around the world.

Is World Elite Mastercard valuable?

World and World Elite Mastercard credit cards differ from Standard Mastercard by its higher annual fee. When many World Mastercard credit cards have annual fees starting from $49, the usual annual fee of the World Elite Mastercard credit cards is $89. Some World Elite credit cards have a $450 annual fee. Is such a difference in the annual fee worth of it?

The answer is definitely “yes” if you are a frequent traveler who pays for tickets. The most valuable thing for frequent travelers is a World Elite Air program that helps you save on tickets and get free upgrades from economy to business class. Moreover, if your travel purchases are not limited just to airfare, and you spend a lot on wide range of travel services, the World Elite Mastercard will be a valuable offer since these cards provide benefits for different types of travel. Remember that cruises, car rental and hotel stays also might be upgraded or get a discounted price with World Elite Mastercard.