The redemption recipe below helps turn signup bonuses from two Chase Marriott Visa cards into a free cruise to the Bahamas for the whole family. This offer is for couples, partners or friends ready to make their contribution and later enjoy the cruise trip together. And no, it’s not about expenses, overspend or hacks and tricks. It’s about planning in advance.

Time: 1-3 months

Estimated price: $500+

Complexity level: 1

Participants: 1-2

Cards: 2x Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card

Get the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card

It all starts with applying for the right credit card. Since Marriott rewards service has hundreds of attractive cruise offers, we recommend you to apply for the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card. It gives you both – an access to Marriott best deals and a huge signup bonus equal to 80,000 points.

Both of you should get the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card to benefit from this recipe. Please note that to qualify for this card, your credit score should be excellent.

Meet the minimum spending requirement

You have to spend $3,000 with your card within the first 3 months of account opening. That’s not that much, and no overspend is required. But if your monthly expenses are lower than the required minimum spending, here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Apply for the card before your planned big-ticket purchase.
  • Use your card to pay the bill at a dinner with friends or coworkers. They can reimburse you in cash.
  • Also you may use the card to pay your rent or taxes. Note that, in this case, you will be charged with a fee.

Be sure you made a careful choice of your cruise vacation.

Choose the right cruise

Find the list of available cruise offers here. If you have followed our instructions, you now have 160,000 points, so you may consider cruises with prices about $500 to get them for free. To choose the best deal, mind the following things:

  • Considering various destinations, remember that your experience from the trip may strongly depend on the season. For example, the best time to cruise to Bermuda is from April to October when you can enjoy beaches and bathing. And the best time to cruise to Alaska may be from May to September if you want to see whales. Or it may be March, September or October if you want to see the Northern lights.
  • Cruise trips are all about views. Make sure you’ll see them. Don’t select the cheapest interior cabins. They have neither windows nor natural light. With two signup bonuses, you can easily afford an oceanview cabin, a cabin with a balcony or sometimes even a suite.


Normally banks don’t allow you to combine points from different people for one purchase, but Marriott has special certificates for this purpose.

Now you two should redeem your points into Marriott Rewards cruise certificates. The minimum price is 63,000 points. So you will get two certificates for the $250 discount each. That means you can book the whole cruise for up to $500.

Call 1-800-596-0452, name the picked cruise and ask for redemption.

The bottom line

Any family with kids may afford cruising to the Bahamas in a comfy ocean view cabin. To get on board, apply for the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card.