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Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card
Recommended credit score: Excellent Good
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The Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card will take you to the world of luxury hotel stays during your travel, whether it is a business or a leisure trip. Each hotel stay at a Marriott or SPG property will bring you a fat amount of reward points leading you to ultimate travel maximization. As a premium card, the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card also grants you a huge list of complimentary services and benefits.

  • Great rewards for hotel stays and spendings at Marriott and SPG properties – 5 points per each $1;
  • Huge 100,000 points sign-up bonus;
  • Free night stay awarded each year;
  • Opportunity to move towards Elite status;
  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • Highest amount of rewards might be earned only if you often stay at Marriott and SPG properties.

How to use this card

Spend $5,000 on this card in the first 3 months to earn a 100,000 points sign-up bonus. Also, make a first purchase and add an authorized user to this card to receive additional 7,500 points.

You earn reward points on this card as follows:

  • 5 points per each $1 spent at Marriott and Ritz-Carlton properties as well as properties participating in SPG loyalty program (more than 5,700 properties overall around the world);
  • 2 points per each $1 spent on airfare (bought directly at airlines), dining out and car rental agencies;
  • 1 point per each $1 spent on all other purchases.

Remember that some spendings are not counted as purchases, and you won’t obtain any reward point for them. These spendings include credit card related fees, betting transactions (chips at casinos, lottery tickets, etc.), balance transfers, cash advances and others. Your points will not expire as long as you make at least one point earning or redemption activity within 24 months. If you close your card, all your reward points will be terminated.

In addition, every year on the anniversary of your account, you get a free night stay at Marriott properties (categories from 1 to 5). Remember that you have to use your free night stay within 12 months after your free night stay is earned or it will be terminated. Moreover, each anniversary you also get 15 Elite credits which help you move towards Elite status. You earn 1 Elite credit each time you spend $3,000 on this card.

Points redemption and transfer

You can redeem your points on wide range of purchases, such as gift cards, airfare, charity, sports and leisure, electronics, events tickets, etc. If you prefer to redeem your points on hotel stays at Marriott or SPG properties, please refer to the next table to see the offers for points redemption (at eligible properties).

The category of a hotel is determined by its location and quality of property. The column “PointSavers Reward” refers to the amount of points you have to redeem for a hotel stay if a “Marriott Rewards PointSavers” is applicable at the date of your stay to the property you are going to book. Properties eligible for Marriott Rewards PointSavers are changing over the time. When Marriott Rewards PointSavers is applicable to the property, the amount of points you have to redeem for a hotel stay is up to 33% lower. Note that each time you redeem points for 4 nights, you get the 5th night free.

Hotel Category

Reward points to redeem

Points to redeem with PointSavers Reward

Category 1



Category 2



Category 3



Category 4



Category 5



Category 6



Category 7



Category 8



Category 9



You also can redeem points partially and pay some part of a hotel stay with money on your card. Remember that in this case you won’t get the 5th free night for 4 nights, and money paid from the card won’t earn you reward points.

If you stay at certain Marriott or SPG properties, you can redeem your points for any expenses charged on your room (e.g. golf, spa, food and beverages, etc.). This option is called “Instant Redemption” and is available any time between check-in and check-out. See the table below to learn how your reward points will be redeemed according to your expenses with Instant Reward.

Reward Points





5 points for 1 cents



4.5 points for 1 cent



4 points for 1 cent



3.5 points for 1 cent



2.95 points for 1 cent



2 points for 1 cent



1.9 points for 1 cent

Notably, your Marriott reward points also can be transferred to the partner airlines. If you transfer your points specifically to the United MileagePlus® loyalty program, you get 20% more miles and 10% more miles if you redeem you points for United MileagePlus® exclusive packages. If you want, you also can transfer your points to the SPG loyalty program (in case you are a member).

Elite status

Moreover, with the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card you can move towards Elite status, which grants you additional perks and benefits when you use the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card. You can reach one of three tiers of Elite status: Silver, Gold and Platinum. You earn 1 Elite status credit for each $3,000 spent on this card and 15 Elite credits each year.

To reach Silver Elite status, you need 15 Elite credits – thus, you will reach Silver status after you use this card for one year. When you earn 50 credits, you reach Gold status, and Platinum status – when you earn 75 credits. To learn about additional services and benefits provided with each Elite status tier, please see the table below.

Before Your Stay

During Your Stay

After Your Stay










Elite Reservation


Exclusive Guest Service Line

Ultimate Reservation


20% Bonus on Points for Stays

Priority Late Checkout

Free In-room


Gift Shop Discount

25% Bonus on Points for Stays

50% Bonus on Points for Stays

Elite Night Credit on Redemption Stays


Elite Only Redemption Rewards


Guaranteed Platinum

Arrival Gift

Guaranteed Late


Guaranteed Lounge Access/Breakfast

Room Upgrade

Complimentary Enhanced Internet Access

Guaranteed Room Type

Additional services

Visa Signature Concierge Services. Receive 24/7 support in any issues related to your travel: starting from last-minute booking of a ticket for event to planning a special event.

Emergency Card Replacement and Cash Advance. If your card got lost or stolen, order a new one and get a cash advance 24/7. Also get assistance which will guide you on necessary actions to be taken in case if your card disappears from your wallet.

Account Alerts. Configure and customize special alerts which will track all activity on your account and its standing. In case of any important situation, you will receive an email,text notification or notification via voicemail.

Extra Security with Embedded Chip. The Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card is provided with enhanced security of a card chip. Whenever you pay at a chip card-reader, you can be sure that your card is secure and protected.

Purchase Protection. All your purchases get coverage for 120 days against theft or damage for up to $5,000 overall and $500 per claim.

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver. Rent a car paying the entire cost with the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card  and decline a collision waiver offered by rental agency. If you do so, your car will be provided with coverage against damage or theft. Remember that the Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver is secondary to your personal insurance.

Cardmember Events. As the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card holder, you will get invitations to premier events. List of events changes every year, and in fact, those event are once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

How much is costs

Variable 16.99% - 23.99% APR on purchases and balance transfers will be applied based on your creditworthiness. Cash advance APR is 25.99%. Also, a penalty fee up to $37 (based on balance) might be charged for late payment, as well as a $37 fee might be applied for returned payments. Remember that this card has a shorter grace period as compared to most other credit cards – 21 days.

The bottom line

In our opinion, the Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card is one of the best premium hotel credit cards. It provides extremely lucrative benefits on expenses, list of complimentary services, opportunity to move towards Elite status and great redemption options for hotel stays. However, this card is designed especially for customers who often stays at Marriott and SPG properties. If you prefer more diversified options for reward points redemption for hotel stays, you might like to choose another hotel credit card.


Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card photo
Marriott Rewards® Premier credit card
Recommended credit score: Excellent Good
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