Best Visa Infinite® Credit Cards

Visa Infinite® is a high-end program offered for certain credit cards. Most of these cards are premium travel cards that provide its holders juicy travel-related benefits. Visa Infinite® contains a wide list of lucrative perks to make your travel and leisure unforgettable.

Here we picked a few of best credit cards connected to Visa Infinite® program. There is not that much of such cards since most banks issue few premium credit cards.

In general, all credit cards described here include services provided by Visa Infinite® program. However, Visa Infinite program is quite flexible – some of its features might be boosted by card issuer (i.e. bank), some – reduced. To learn more about perks and benefits provided by Visa Infinite®, please, read our guide. In this material we describe only features of credit card itself leaving perks of Visa Infinite behind the brackets.

Lowest APR and best rewards

Crystal® Visa Infinite® Credit Card

Credit card with extremely low APR and great rewards on purchases. High annual fee applies, but it’s definitely worth it.

  • 0% foreign transaction fee;
  • One of the greatest reward rates among travel cards: up to 3 points per $1 spent on eligible purchases;
  • Very low APR on purchases – 9%.
  • $400 annual fee waived for the first year.

The most remarkable feature of the Crystal® Visa Infinite® Credit Card is its reward points rate. For travel purchases, dining out, gas and – what is most important – groceries, you get 3 reward points per each $1 dollar. Some other premium credit cards also provide 3 reward points for eligible purchases, but none of them rewards you with 3 reward points for purchases at grocery stores. We consider 3X reward points rate for groceries as an impressive offer. In addition, you get 1 reward point per $1 spent on all other purchases.

The Crystal® Visa Infinite® Credit Card offers quite regular ways to redeem your points – you can redeem points for gift cards, merchandise, airfare, hotel stays, etc. Redemption rate for reward points is 1 cent per 1 point.

How much it costs

APR: non-variable 9% APR on purchases.

Annual fee: $400 waived for the first year.

Foreign transaction fee: 0%.

Penalty fees: up to $20 for late and returned payments.

Best for travel rewards

Chase Sapphire Reserve℠

One of the best travel credit cards overall and probably the best travel credit card connected to Visa Infinite program. Certainly a must-have credit card for frequent travellers who strive for luxury travel.

  • Huge signup bonus – 50,000 Ultimate Rewards® points;
  • $300 travel credit reimbursement;
  • Great rewards for travel purchases and dining out: 3 Ultimate Rewards® points on travel and 1 Ultimate Rewards point on other purchases;
  • Access to the lounge zones in more than 900 airports around the world;
  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • $450 annual fee.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve℠ offers you a 50,000 signup bonus after you spend $4,000 on this card within first 3 months. When you spend money on this card, each $1 spent on travel purchases and dining out will bring you 3 reward points. All other purchases grant you 2 reward points per each $1.

What makes this card good for frequent travellers? First, you earn nice amount of reward points for travel expenses. Notably, the Chase Sapphire Reserve℠ recognizes as travel expenses not only airfare and hotel stays, but bunch of other purchases – public transportation, taxis (yes, Uber and Lyft included), campgrounds, car rental, and many more.

Second, travel expenses bring you closer to your next free travel. Apart from good rewards for travel purchases, the Chase Sapphire Reserve℠ offers a wonderful redemption rate if you redeem rewards points on travel via Chase Travel Portal. If you do so, you get 1.5 cent per 1 reward point. This is much better redemption rate as compared to most other premium travel credit cards, which rarely offer redemption rate higher than 1 cent per 1 point. Your signup bonus – if redeemed for travel – will be worth $750. For example, if you redeem signup bonus on something else, you will get an equivalent of only $500.

In addition, depending on how much you’ve spent on travel during past year, each anniversary of credit card opening you get a reimbursement of travel expenses of up to $300. If you are a truly dedicated traveller, we recommend you to combine the Chase Sapphire Reserve℠ with another card issued by Chase – Chase Freedom®. These two cards allow you to turn on travel maximization strategy focused on reward points transfer from one card to another. To learn more about this strategy, read our guide “Combine Chase Cards To Maximize Travel Rewards”.

How much it costs

APR: variable 16.99% - 23.99% APR on purchases will be applied based on your creditworthiness.

Annual fee: $450. Each authorized user will cost you additional $75 per year.

Foreign transaction fee: 0%.

Penalty fees: up to $37 for late or returned payments.

Best for hotel stays

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card is designed especially for frequent travellers who prefer to stay at Marriott and Ritz-Carlton properties. In hands of such traveller this card becomes an ultimate weapon for reward points maximization. Although this card is primarily a co-branded hotel credit card, it includes a list of perks valuable when you buy airfare or make other travel-related purchases.

  • Great signup bonus: 2 complimentary nights at Tier 1-4 hotels (equivalent of 120,000 reward points);
  • Automatic Gold Elite status after first year, opportunity to move towards Platinum Elite status;
  • Discounts on hotel services, round-trip domestic airfare, and travel-related services;
  • 0% foreign transaction fee.
  • High annual fee – $450.

This credit card offers you quite unusual bonus – instead of regular “some-amount-of-points” you get electronic certificate eligible to redeem for two night at Ritz-Carlton Tier 1-4 properties. Just two nights look like not really valuable bonus, but in fact this bonus is equivalent of 120,000 reward points since some of Tier 4 Ritz-Carlton hotels require 60,000 to be redeemed for a free night. However, certificate is valid for 12 months. If you want to obtain additional 10,000 bonus, authorize a first user to your account.

For each $1 spent at participating Marriott and Ritz-Carlton properties, and all SPG properties, you earn 5 reward points. You will earn 2 points per $1 spent on airfare and car rental agencies, and 1 point on all other purchases. At the end of the year you get additional 10% to the points you’ve earned throughout past year.

Also, as a cardholder of The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card you earn a Gold Status automatically at the anniversary of your account. To maintain Gold Status after second anniversary and farther, you must spend $10,000 on this card throughout a year. In addition, you can reach Platinum Elite Status. To reach Platinum Status and maintain it, spend $75,000 on this card.

How much it costs

APR: variable APR 16.99% - 23.99% on purchases and balance transfers will be applied based on your creditworthiness.

Annual fee: $450.

Foreign transaction fee: 0%.

Penalty fees: up to $37 for late or returned payments.

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